About Us

About Us

We are all about saving money for our consumers, empowering them with informed choices. Information is the key that equips consumers to make the right buying decisions. However, there has been a significant gap in the marketplace, where lack of information has led to imperfections in the equation between the buyer and the seller. Our mission is to strive towards eliminating the imperfections by helping consumers make informed decisions to save money.

Information is the Key

In the buyer-seller equation, there has been a missing element that led to inefficiencies for the consumer. One of the chief apprehensions, when the internet made its foray into the world of consumer buying, was that businesses would lose out on profitability because consumers would be able to compare prices between competing product offerings across markets, and bag the best bargains possible. However, this potential of the internet never materialised.

Our role, in an inter-connected marketplace, is to play the role of a vital intermediary in ironing out the differences created by lack of information. To be sure, money saving tips are not rocket science – they could be practised by everyone, in any field of action, in any industry and in virtually every business transaction, as long as consumers had the will to save money and the awareness that the best deals are not too far out of their reaches.

How do we get you the Best Deals?

Well, we compare. We are a team of experts with years of experience in various industries to know how the industries work and how companies operate. We observe market trends with rapt attention, have our relationships in place with various businesses and industries, and are in the habit of analysing in qualitative and quantitative terms. The end result is that we have our ears to the ground regarding the best deals possible in every industry, and pass on the information to our consumers. And in doing so, we have saved millions for our consumers by matching them with the services that are the best for them.

To be sure, there is no ‘best business’ or ‘the best deal’ all the time. The market is always in a state of flux and it takes constant monitoring to come up with the best deals for the consumer at any point in time. All that we do is to help our consumers make the right moves at the right time, so that they could strike the best bargain suitable for them, and save money through business transactions.

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