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  • November 25, 2011

    ScottishPower launch record beating cash-back offer

    Energylinx are pleased to announce a £40 cash-back per fuel on every ScottishPower energy transfer. This takes effect immediately and will help push ScottishPower to no.1 position in almost all searches being carried out. This will only be available for a very short period so the message has to be ACT NOW, if you are thinking of comparing energy prices do it today as this may be gone tomorrow.

  • November 03, 2011

    Energy prices set to rise again and this time very fast

    With winter fast looming and energy consumption set to rise to heat your home, are you ready for the next increase in domestic energy prices?Just over two weeks ago the government, OFGEM, Consumer Focus, some Consumer groups and some Energy Suppliers all met.

    The meeting had one main purpose and that was to agree a strategy to help consumers reduce overall what they pay out for their energy costs.

    Did the meeting work? On one hand it was very positive and there are indeed some good plans in the making.

    However all indications are that UK domestic energy consumers, you and I are going to suffer greatly.

    Within the space of a week two big six suppliers have removed from the market their flagship online tariffs on the basis of simplifying the market for the consumer but the net effect of this is that these the market now no longer has these tariffs available.

    We are already aware of moves afoot by a third big six supplier to do the same.

    Consumer groups will be pleased by the fact that ultimately they may get their wish in the simplification of tariffs but at what cost?

    Everyone recognises that no supplier can afford to move all their customers to the cheapest deals in the market but simplifying the market so that one tariff fits all actually does nothing to help the consumer or in reality the energy supplier. The net impact is that everyone ends up paying the higher rate and whilst that could be seen as fair, that is simply not how the world works today.

    Cheapest Gas and Electricity

    To maintain a competitive market suppliers must be able to compete and offer innovative low cost tariffs, some with penalty clauses to leave them early and some without. But remove them as appears to be happening and overnight we almost destroy the competitive element of the market.

    The biggest problem with energy prices being so high is NOT actually energy prices being so high, in fact the UK benefits from some of the lower energy costs across the entire globe. The problem is really affordability and consumption.

    The mistake everyone seems to make is that automatically we think the suppliers charge too much, but when you look at the detail on a customer by customer basis energy suppliers do not make a lot of money, in fact your local supermarket probably makes a lot more per customer per year.

    From an Energylinx perspective it may appear that we are supporting the energy supplier to help them make more money, this is definitely not the case we simply want the consumer to get the very best deal and want to let you know what is really happening in the market. Unfortunately at the moment the news does not look that encouraging.

    The UK and we mean you and I need to face the reality that energy is a finite resource, that some of the raw elements in energy prodiction in the UK are effectively not even produced in the UK (The UK imports natural gas as we simply do not produce enough), and without doubt we need to reduce our energy consumption.

    We need a radical rethink in terms of plannning legsilation so that builders have no option but to build houses to the very best European standards of insulation. The extra cost could easily be recouped in the first year if carried out correctly.

    So what can you do today to help reduce your bills?

    Switch now, today not tomorrow, it may be too late by tomorrow to get the best deal.

    Switch off appliances that you do not use. How many phone chargers are switched on in your house or workplace right now. How many lights are on in empty rooms?

    And lobby your MP to get them to force government to have real re-think, simplifying tariffs by putting pressure on energy suppliers is quite simply not the answer. It might look good on paper but the reality is it will cost us dear.

  • August 05, 2011

    E.ON Energy, fourth of the big six to announce double digit price increases.

    Energylinx have been advised today that E.ON Energy is set to increase its gas and electricity prices for domestic energy customers from the 13th September 2011.

    Energylinx has calculated these increases for the average domestic customer consuming 3,300 kWhs of electricity and 16,500 kWhs of gas, on a standard tariff paying by monthly direct debit to be, on average across the UK, 18.1% on gas and 11.4% on electricity.

    With wholesale energy prices set to increase further this year Energylinx is not convinced that this will be the last of the increase we see before Christmas.

    As with any price increase Energylinx would encourage all households to compare their energy price regularly and make sure that they do have the best deal for their circumstances, with tariffs being launched and removed from sale it is important that this is carried out regularly.

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