Understanding Your Energy Bill

When you get your energy bill sometimes it can seem like a complete puzzle where nothing makes sense. It is important that you understand what your energy bill is saying and below we will go through the bill so you can be sure that you understand it.

Firstly, all energy bills should have the following

  • Your name, address and date
  • Customer account reference number, please always quote this when you contact your energy supplier as this will be unique to you
  • Your energy supplier's name and their contact details, including phone number etc
  • The name of your gas and electricity tariff or plan
  • How much you are due to pay and when this needs to be paid by
  • The meter number
  • The time period for which you are been billed for
  • The amount that your supplier is charging you for each kWh of gas or electricity


If you pay by standing charge, you will pay a single rate. If this is not the case then you will pay a high price for a given number of energy units and then a lower rate thereafter

Switching Suppliers

Before you switch suppliers you will need to note down the following from a recent energy bill:

1)  Name of your supplier

2)  Name of tarrif/plan

3)  Amount of gas and electricity you've used in kilowatt hours (kWh)

Cutting your energy bill

Switching to a different supplier and tariff could cut the costs of your business and gas electricity bill. The best way to find out what savings you can make is to contact us and see what we can do. We are armed with a highly effective team who make it their mission to source the best energy contracts for our customers. So far we have brought many customers huge savings and we look forward to seeing how we can help you.

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