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It is mind boggling to even estimate the amount of money that has virtually been frittered away, thanks to the inherent resistance that consumers demonstrate in switching between their gas and electricity suppliers. Yet, there is enormous potential to save on gas and electricity bills that go on unexploited and underutilised.

If you would imagine listing yourself among those who display resistance to switching between energy providers, you have nothing to lose and only so much to gain by taking the plunge.

Gas and Electricity

Inherited Gas and Electricity Bills:

In most cases, consumers tend to inherit their energy bills from the previous tenants, as they move into new accommodation. However, to continue with the existing service providers might not make much economic sense for the simple reason that what was good enough for the previous tenants need not be good for you.

It requires a close analysis to even find out whether you are actually benefitting from the same billing plans that the previous occupants were using, because their energy needs may have plain be different. Or worse, the previous tenants might have been losing on energy bills and might have been paying exorbitant prices for gas and electricity because they probably were not aware of avenues for energy savings. How would that make it any better for you in your savings on energy bills?

Gas Energy Prices

Dual Fuel Discount and Competitive Tariffs:

There are two different aspects to the concept of saving on gas and electricity bills, and there is n straight forward answer to the question of 'how to save energy bills'. It is only after analysis and expert opinion that you may actually come to know whether you are on the right plans or if you are with the best service providers, because energy bills and their plans are not constant but are very much open to fluctuations due to market situations.

In some cases, it might make sense to switch over to the same service providers to benefit from dual fuel discounts, because both gas and electricity would be from the same suppliers. However, the corollary is that you may not be in the most competitive plans, just because you enjoy dual fuel discounts.

It would help for you to look at your energy consumption patterns and energy needs afresh to see how you may benefit by choosing the right gas and electricity suppliers. And any expert opinion and input would only facilitate your savings on bills.

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