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It’s important for every business to keep a close eye on their money and make sensible decision on how they spend it. Save your business money by comparing and switching your commercial electricity deal with Save on Bills.

We provide a variety of different rates and energy tariffs to help you find the most suitable choice for your business. Get an accurate estimation that is personalised to your business to see how much you’re likely save and compare business energy deals online with us.

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Make sure you’re paying a fair price for your power by comparing suppliers through Save on Bills.

Switching is easy and you could save hundreds of pounds by switching your gas to a cheaper tariff. Find the cheapest deals in the market for your area in just a few minutes by using our easy online comparison tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are business electricity prices set to increase?


Yes, electricity is set to rise for everyone, which is why now is the perfect time to start comparing and finding the best provider for you.

How do I reclaim VAT on business electricity?


For business energy, you cannot claim the VAT , but your business may be eligible to pay a reduced VAT rate of 5%, but this is only if your business meets the specifications such as at least 60% of the business' energy are used for residential accommodation or you are a non-profit organisation.

How to save electricity for your small business?


Here are some tips on how you can try to reduce costs on your electricity bill:

  • Turn off devices from switches if they are not in use as devices in standby still us energy
  • Invest in energy efficient LED lights with motion sensors to reduce lights being left on when people leave rooms
  • Look into your energy bill and discover the biggest areas where electricity is being used and see how you can reduce this.

What is the VAT rate on business electricity bills?


All UK businesses are required to pay VAT on their business electricity usage, this is normally charged at 20%. This is a standard rate for most businesses.

Who is the cheapest business electricity supplier?


There is no set answer to this, as your location and electricity usage and needs will vary, and this will impact the tariffs and prices that your business is offered. Complete our quick form to browse some of the cheapest deals we have to offer for your business electricity needs.

How much is business electricity?


This will depend on the size of your business, the hours your business operates, location and more. This is an average breakdown that moneysupermarket has calculated.

Average business electricity rates per kWh (A kilowatt hour)

Business size                 Average annual usage (kWh)               Average price (per kWh)
Micro business               5,000 - 15,000                                        14.4p - 15.9p
Small business               15,000 - 25,000                                      14.3p - 15.1p
Medium business           25,000 - 50,000                                      14.3p - 14.7p

List of business energy providers who supply electricity?


Here is a list of electricity suppliers we work with at Save on Bills:

  • British Gas
  • EDF
  • EON
  • SSE
  • Npower
  • Octopus Energy

How much could I save if I switch my business electricity?


You could save hundreds of pounds when you switch your electricity supplier or update your tariffs with your current provider depending on your location.

By using our comparison calculator, you can find suppliers and tariffs in your area that will suit your business needs. Options are available at your fingertips once you complete a short form to ensure we are showing you offers that will meet your needs.

What information do I need to compare business electricity prices?


To get the best deals and accurate prices it would be best if you have information such as current usage and price at hand so that comparisons can be made to ensure we find you the best deal possible.

How can I compare kwh consumption on business electricity quotes?


Once you complete the comparison form you will be shown a variety of tariffs and deals available to you. You can click ‘more details’ and it will give you a rough breakdown of the kWh breakdown.

I want to switch to cheaper businesses electricity deals across multiple business premises. How do I do this?


If your business has multiple locations, you will need to complete the comparison form for each of the locations or alternatively you can contact us directly and our team will get you quotes for each of your locations.

Do electricity prices fluctuate?


Yes, it is standard that electricity prices will fluctuate, this can be caused by many factors such as market rates, location and suppliers in the area; if a supplier goes down your tariff may be taken over by another company causing prices you increase. We suggest that every 6 to 12 months that you look into new suppliers and tariffs to ensure your business is always getting the best deal.

How long will it take to switch electricity suppliers?


Your switch can be made as soon as the day after your current contract ends, but this is providing that you have given your notice period which is typically 30 days before your contract ends.

When I switch to a new electricity supplier, will my supply be cut off?


No, do not worry you will not be without electricity. We will be in contact and liaise with your current suppliers to ensure that the switch does not impact your business. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Are there regional variations in business electricity rates?


Yes, there are a variable price depending upon your region and coverage area this is largely due to the amount of energy that the region can generate to cover the area or if energy is needed to be transported in.

Can I cancel my business electricity early?


Yes, you can be aware that you may be required to pay an exit fee. However, you can get a better deal up to 12 months before the end of your contact, so you should weigh up if it is the right choice to leave early or if you should wait for your current contact to end.

If you are looking to cancel your electricity contact, due to your business changing premises you should not be required to pay any early exit fees as the contact should be with the property itself as opposed to with you.

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