Are you looking for ways to reduce your business’ electricity consumption and curb your costs? You’ve come to the right place. Reducing your business electricity can not only help you cut down on monthly bills but improve your business’ impact on the environment and reduce the effects of the current energy crisis.  

In this guide, we’ll walk through five simple strategies that will help you quickly slash power usage without compromising on productivity or quality. From utilising energy efficient technologies to making the most of natural light, there are plenty of opportunities for you to cut down on business electricity consumption.  

Carry Out an Energy Audit

Perhaps the most important step businesses can take to reduce their electricity consumption is to carry out an energy audit. An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of the entire energy profile of a business, including all its systems, processes, and equipment, and is incredibly useful for identifying where your business is using the most electricity.

Carrying out an energy audit has the potential to help you save up to 30% on your business electricity.  

Implement Energy-Efficient Technologies

There are multiple energy-efficient technologies you can incorporate into your business to keep costs down and reduce overall energy consumption, including:

  • LED lights
  • Smart motion sensors
  • Smart thermostats  
  • Smart plugs and power strips  

By utilising these revolutionary technologies, businesses can drastically reduce their energy usage. LED lighting is up to 80% more efficient than conventional lighting, using significantly less electricity, while motion sensors can help turn lights off when there is no motion detected in a space. Additionally, smart thermostats can help to maintain an optimal temperature in the workplace, and smart plugs and power strips can detect when devices are in standby mode and cut power to the outlet.  

Educate Employees on Electricity Conservation

Educating employees on how they can reduce their electricity usage in the workplace can have a profound effect on your business energy consumption. Further educating staff on the current energy crisis and the implications it has on businesses can ensure employees are consistently engaging in energy saving behaviours.  

It is important that businesses create an effective policy outlining procedures for conserving energy within the workplace while also ensuring efficient communication of this policy among employees.  

Keep Thermostat at a Comfortable Temperature All Year Round

Heating and cooling make up a large portion of electricity consumption in businesses, so managing this effectively is essential. Keeping your thermostat at a regular, energy-efficient temperature throughout the year will help you save money on utility bills while also ensuring your employees are kept comfortable.

In the summer months, keeping your office at around 22°C can help reduce air conditioning costs and keep your staff from becoming too hot. During winter months, setting the temperature to no lower than 19°C will ensure that everyone is kept warm without wasting energy by over-heating the space.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Beyond using traditional windows, there are other ways you can create a bright and comfortable workspace while avoiding expensive lighting costs. One strategy is to hang mirrors around the office that reflect existing light into darker areas, helping to amplify the light and spread it throughout the space.  

Additionally, white walls and reflective surfaces, such as stainless steel or glass, can also be used to increase the amount of natural light in a workspace.  

You’re Ready to Start Cutting Down

Taking the time to review and implement each of these suggestions can help your business save electricity and money. Keeping track of what your business consumes over time can further help you identify areas where you need to cut back or become more energy efficient.  

Utilising energy-saving tips can help businesses reduce their electricity bill while also contributing to our nation’s efforts towards a more sustainable future. Whether you’re looking to save money, create an eco-friendly footprint, or do both, these five efficient ways to reduce your electricity consumption can help your business achieve its goal.  

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