If you’re looking to ensure you get the best business electricity quotes from the best business energy suppliers, you’re going to need to keep a handle on when your contract ends. Want to know why it’s so important you’ve diarised this date? We’re here to tell you...

What’s so Important about my Business Energy Contract End Date?

Running a business can mean your days are full and your work-life balance sometimes in jeopardy, and we understand that. However, it’s important you keep on top of all those little dates that have a habit of sneaking up on you all too fast. Your business energy contract end date is one of them. That’s because it’s your tool to securing a better price on your gas and electricity business tariffs.

When you sign up for a new business electricity rate, you’ll often be granted a deal to lure you in. This deal will run for a set amount of time and then once it’s up, you’ll be switched to a ‘standard’ business energy tariff. If you’ve made sure to diarise this contract end date, you’ll be able to switch your current deal to a better one, before simply going onto a standard tariff.

It may sound like a bit of a faff, but if you want to consistently get great rates on your business energy compare deals, you need to keep on switching. Switching is key to ensuring you’re always on the best deal for your business. There’s no room for loyalty when it comes to saving money with your commercial energy suppliers.

Where do I find my Business Energy Contract End Date?

If you’re not even sure where to find your business energy contract end date and you didn’t make a note of it when you first signed up for your current business energy deal, the first place you should look is your bill. Your contract end date will be detailed here. If you’ve managed to misplace your bill – give your energy provider a call and find out the old-fashioned way by speaking to someone.

Beware the Switching Window

So, you’ve done your homework and you’ve managed to find your contract end date – it's a good start. However, if you’re looking to compare business energy and switch commercial energy suppliers, you’ll need to make sure you act within a certain timeframe. It’s called the ‘switching window’, and it’s a very teeny space of time just before your contract comes to a halt. To be on the safe side, check with your business energy provider when your switching window is.

I’ve Found a Better Business Energy Deal and I want to Switch

If you’re up on your admin game, and you’ve managed to find time to compare business energy providers, congratulations – you're clearly #winningatlife. Armed with a better deal for your business energy, it’s now time to make sure you let your current energy provider know your intentions. You must do this in the switching window that you’ve found out the details for from your energy supplier.

What if I miss my Business Energy Contract End Date?

If you’ve been swamped with everything that running a business entails and have managed to let your contract end date slide by without even a wave of acknowledgement, then try not to give yourself too much of a hard time about it. Sometimes we can’t do everything all of the time. Accept that you’ve missed it and make sure you don’t do it again.

Now your current deal has ended, your business energy supplier will simply roll over your contract to a new one on a much less competitive rate. This will usually last for a period of 12 months. Make sure you absolutely 100% make a note of this new end date and put time in the diary to switch this time next year.

Let us do the Hard Work for you

Comparing business energy prices and making sure you get the best deal from energy suppliers UK can seem daunting. However, it really doesn’t need to be. At Save on Bills we do all the hard work for you. We’ll scour cheap business electricity and business gas rates, so you don’t have to. We provide super-fast and super-efficient energy comparison for business so our clients can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that we’re on the hunt for the best money-saving deals available.

Things to Remember

If you’re determined to consistently get the best business energy price comparison deals, then simply remember to do the following -

  • Diarise your business energy contract end date
  • Compare business energy deals with Save on Bills
  • Act within the switching window
  • Make a note of your new energy contract end date and remember to do the whole process again this time next year

Give Save on Bills a try and enjoy awesome energy savings for your business.

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