Want to know how to get your business’s energy usage down? Fed up with paying over the odds for your business gas and electricity? With the cost of living soaring in recent months, now’s the time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help save on your business gas and electricity consumption. Here are our top ten tips to get you saving on your business energy.

  • Work as a team – goals are so much easier to achieve when a whole team is onboard. If you’re keen to reduce your business’s energy consumption, make sure your staff know your aims. Ask them to work with you, perhaps offer an incentive - ‘greenest team member of the month’ award, for example, and get everyone working together towards one common goal
  • Go natural – cut your electric business rates simply by leaving the lights off. Embrace natural daylight instead. To take full advantage of this, make sure your windows are clean, any window coverings are open fully so all light can get in, and hey, have that meeting outdoors
  • Ditch the uniform – if your staff don’t need to wear a uniform you could find that your heating and/or air con electricity business rates go down. That’s because, if staff are able to dress in accordance with their own body temperature, they’re in control. Uniforms that feel stifling often mean your air-con use is higher, while flimsy uniforms in winter ensure the heating is always on. Let staff have control over how hot or cold they feel, and you won’t need to rely so much on the never-ending air-con/heating cycle
  • Use automatic taps – if you’ve ever walked into an office toilet to find the tap still on, you’ll know just why automatic taps are a must-have. With automatic taps installed there’s no room for human error
  • Go virtual – during lockdown, we all embraced Zoom, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t continue
  • Share transport – if your staff need to travel, ensure they do so by sharing transport options such as taxis or car hire. It will save on your Co2 emissions, reduce travel costs, and it will also mean everyone arrives at the same time
  • Get rid of clunky desktop computers – it's a well-known fact that laptops are much more energy efficient than their desktop cousins. So, ensure your commercial electric rates are kept as low as possible and invest in laptops for the office
  • Turn it off! - wondering why your business rates are always higher than the average monthly electricity bill UK? It’s time to turn your appliances off and unplug them. Switch off computer monitors, turn off TVs, photocopiers, printers, projectors and air-con at the end of the day to ensure no energy consumption is wasted
  • Cup of tea? - Sometimes saving energy can be as simple as making a cup of tea – or more importantly, making a few cups of tea at once. Every time a kettle boils, it uses electricity. So, when you want a cup of tea, ask your co-workers if they’d like one too. This will save multiple people, multiple trips to the kettle and keep the energy usage down. You’ll also quickly become everyone’s new best friend – so there are even more bonuses to being energy aware
  • Switch your energy supplier – if you’re looking for the best business electricity deals, get in touch with Save on Bills. We offer business energy comparison online so you get the most competitive business energy deals available. After all, if you’re paying over the odds for your current business utilities, however many energy saving tips you employ still won’t have the impact you want them to

Get wise with your energy consumption, make your appliances work efficiently, and get everyone involved in doing their bit to keep your business’s energy usage low, and you should soon start to see a difference.

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