With business electricity rates soaring in recent months, it’s imperative that you’ve got an eye on your energy efficiency when you’re running a hotel. After all, using excessive energy isn’t just bad for the environment, it’s going to be bad for your hotel too. We’ve put together this quick and helpful guide as to just why energy efficiency in hotels is so important. Read on to discover more...

The Environment Factor

Business electricity and gas consumption in the UK alone comes in at around 40,000 kWh for electricity and 35,000 kWh for gas each year. And with energy suppliers in the UK (and the world over) raising their prices, that’s going to mean a big hike in your hotel’s gas and average electric bills UK. But reducing your energy consumption isn’t just about being beneficial for your pocket, it’s about being beneficial for the environment too.

While some large hotels may be able to have a hand in producing their own energy with solar panels, wind turbines, or a hydro-electric turbine, it isn’t always possible for smaller-sized hotels to do the same. However, you can still choose to ensure that the business energy suppliers you use source their energy from renewable sources. By ensuring your business energy is obtained from a renewable source you’ll be helping to keep your hotel’s Co2 emissions as low as possible. Other ways to help keep the environment at the top of your list when running your hotel is to ensure you invest in -

  • Energy efficient lighting – switch to LEDs
  • Optimising your HVAC system – your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning and make sure it’s working to its best ability. Consider zoning it so only areas that need heat or air-con
  • Asking your guests to be proactive too – do they really need to use all the towels or would one suffice, does their room really need to be cleaned twice a day for instance

Hotel Image

Corporate social responsibility is a big deal. When you’re running a hotel you need to be doing everything you can to ensure you’re running things as efficiently and effectively as possible. And it won’t just be your pocket that benefits – your hotel’s image will be boosted too. What’s more, when a hotel has a good brand image, it can also affect employee retention rates. Create a brand that people feel a part of, want to belong to, and you should notice that your staff turnover is lower and therefore any expenditure on hiring and training will be lowered too. Your eco-credentials can also really play a part in your hotel’s image too, and many prospective guests are drawn to hotels that they know are working in line with the environment.

Eco Tourism

In 2018, Booking.com carried out a survey and found that travellers looking for accommodation that was eco-friendly rose to 68%. Furthermore, 67% of travellers said they were fine with paying approximately 5% more for services that had a positive impact on the environment. So, when it comes to running your hotel, if you’re not keeping a focus on your business energy rates and consumption, you won’t just be pouring money down the drain, you’ll be losing potential customers too. Eco tourism is a big deal these days, and many travellers want to feel like even though they’re enjoying a holiday, they’re still doing their bit to keep their carbon footprint down.

Lower Running Costs

The most immediate reason as to why keeping your hotel energy efficient is a must-do is down to lower running costs. As business gas and electricity rates soar, making sure you’re cutting down on any unnecessary usage will help keep your business energy rates as low as possible. Some things you can try to help lower your running costs include -

  • Heating only spaces that are being used
  • Invest in insulation
  • Use smart controls
  • Use water efficiently
  • Make sure the appliances you use are energy efficient

If you’re concerned about your hotel’s running costs and are looking to compare business energy prices, get in touch with Save on Bills to see how we can help. We compare business utility rates to help bring you the best energy deals possible and keep your hotel as energy efficient as possible.

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