Want to know how to take accurate meter readings? It can be tricky – but it’s not impossible. Taking accurate meter readings can help improve your energy efficiency and save money in the long run. In this handy guide, we will cover what a meter reading is, why they’re important, and how to successfully take a business gas and business electricity meter yourself. So read on if you’re ready to get better insights into your business’ power usage and ensure you’re getting the best energy services around.  

What is a Meter Reading and Why is it Important?

A meter reading is an important process that allows businesses to measure the amount of energy they are consuming. Meter readings are an integral part of energy billing, as they allow energy companies to accurately calculate how much a consumer has used and how much they should be charged.

Meter readings usually involve taking the current reading from an electricity or gas meter and then comparing it to the previous one. This helps identify any changes in usage patterns and can help detect any unexpected increases or decreases in consumption.

How Do I Take a Gas Meter Reading?  

1. Make sure you are familiar with the type of meter you’re using  

You should ensure your meter is safe and functioning properly before you take a reading.  

2. Locate and write down the numbers on the display

The meter should be easy to spot since most have large numbers printed on them. Write down all of the visible numbers and including any leading zeros. Don’t include any numbers in red, or any numbers that come after a space or a decimal point.

3. Add up the numbers

Once you have all of the numbers written down, add them up in order from left to right to get your total reading. Depending on your particular model of gas meter, decimals may be necessary between each group of digits if they are printed below one another rather than side by side.  

Record your reading  

Record this number in your utility bill or keep a note of it. Taking regular readings helps ensure that you are being billed correctly for all of your gas usage and can help detect any issues with leaks or faulty equipment if an abnormally high reading occurs.  

How Do I Take an Electricity Meter Reading?

Taking an electricity meter reading is similar to taking a gas meter reading. There are many different types of electricity meter including digital, electronic, smart and dial meters. Simply make a note of the numbers on the analogue display, and you’re done.  

If your meter has two rows of numbers, this is because you use a tariff that charges you different amount depending on what time of day you use electricity. You should make a note of both numbers.

If you have an electronic meter, you should again write down the black numbers and ignore the red.  

If you have a dial meter, you will likely see a number of different dials – about four or five – which all display different numbers. Make a note of the number on each dial, going from left to right. The dials may not all read the same way, so make sure you use the needle to take an accurate reading.  

When using a dial with needle indicator, it's important to note that if the pointer falls part way between two figures, always take the lowest number. This is particularly relevant when the needle falls between nine and zero, where you should assume that it reads nine. To ensure accuracy, the corresponding reading of the dial on the left should then be decreased by one. For example, if you initially recorded three on the left dial, then this should be changed to two. It's essential to remember this adjustment only applies in cases when the needle falls between nine and zero.

How Do I Submit a Meter Reading?  

Once you have taken a note of your reading, simply contact your energy supplier with this information and they will record it in their system accordingly. Many suppliers will accept a meter reading over the phone, via text, or by email.  

If possible, make sure that when submitting each reading, it's done within one billing cycle so that they remain up to date and accurate - this helps ensure that customers receive accurate bills based on their actual usage each month.

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