The increasing cost of running care and nursing homes means it’s more important than ever to find clever ways to keep business utility prices down. But how can you save money when it’s vital that you keep your residents and guests warm, clean, and care for? Care and nursing homes are there to ensure people are as comfortable as possible, so any cost-saving measures need to avoid impinging on the quality of life of residents. To help keep your business electricity rates and gas tariffs down, you could try to follow these simple tips -

  • Ditch old Lightbulbs – old halogen lightbulbs can really drain your energy. If you switch to newer, more efficient LED lightbulbs, you could see a reduction in your business electric tariffs by around £200 a year
  • Choose Solar Panels – what better way to save money on your electricity consumption, than by making it yourself? If you’re running a care or a nursing home, you’ll need access to hot water and heating throughout the day, and this is when solar panels are at their most effective too. What’s more, with care and nursing homes often having vast roof spaces, they make prime candidates for solar panels
  • Get Insulated – if you’re looking for ways to save on heating bills, take a trip up the loft ladder and look in your care home’s roof space. It’s estimated that around 25% of heat is lost because of poor roof insulation. So, help keep your bills lower than the average electric bills UK with decent roof insulation
  • Conduct a Business Energy Suppliers Comparison – are you concerned about hikes in your business utilities bill? If so, perhaps now’s the time to check out business energy comparison sites. Save on Bills could help you cut the cost of your business energy prices thanks to our business energy comparison tool. We can help you compare energy suppliers, switch to a new provider, and save on your business utilities rates before you’ve even had a chance to switch from a halogen lightbulb to an LED one
  • Water – when a business is built around caring for and looking after people, it’s no surprise that ensuring water is warm at all times is high up on their list of needs. A care or nursing home needs access to constant hot water and this – of course – adds up. In fact, it’s estimated that around 12% of a nursing or care home’s energy usage is attributed to heating water. While it may not be possible to cut your water heating time down, you could still invest in water-saving appliances. Tap aerators and energy efficient shower heads are two simple tools you can use to help reduce water usage
  • Check your Appliances – appliances can be a big drain on your business utilities. If your appliances are old and out-dated, they may also be zapping your energy. Look to replace them with A-rated appliances. A-rated appliances are the most energy efficient models available and use the least amount of energy per hour of usage

Running a care or nursing home can be costly when it comes to business electricity rates and business gas prices, but there are a number of things you can do to help keep on top of them. However, if you’re paying over the odds for your business energy rates, no matter how hard you try and implement cost-saving measures, your bills will still be higher than the best energy supplier UK. Let Save on Bills help you get the best business electric comparison and source a deal for your business gas rates too so that you can focus on the important matter of ensuring your residents are happy and healthy.

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