Do you run a restaurant, takeaway, or pub? Do you want to find out how you could cut your costs and keep your business energy rates at a less eye-watering figure? If so, we hear you. Energy prices are at an all-time high and they’re having a serious impact on our bills. However, don’t just sit back and accept it. Take action now and make sure your business energy consumption is working smart not hard. Here’s our handy guide to help you keep on top of your business energy usage.

Where does your Energy go?

Restaurants, pubs, and takeaways are pricey to run and that’s because a lot of cash goes on paying business gas rates and business electricity tariffs. So how can you keep these costs as low as possible while at the same time maintaining a proper quality establishment that customers return to again, and again? Here’s how -

  • Cooker Hobs – if you’ve ever tried cooking with an induction hob, you’ll know just how super-efficient they are. They heat up ultra-fast, and they cool down quickly too. Compared to standard, more traditional gas hobs, induction hobs are much more efficient in their energy consumption. For ease, speed, and control, induction hobs are hands-down winners and businesses could really benefiting from switching to these modern kitchen must-haves
  • Water – hot water is a necessity in the food and drink industry, but it’s also often responsible for sky-high business utilities rates. Take a look at how you use water in your business and see what you could do to help save. Are your water pipes insulated properly? If not, you’ll be wasting money on heating your water up. Insulate your pipes and they’ll work more efficiently for you. What about taps? Are they dripping? Is a toilet cistern not working properly? If you have showers onsite, could they be switched to have energy-efficient shower heads? Automatic sensor taps are also a brilliant way to ensure water is only used when it’s needed
  • Fridges – these white goods are vital tools of the industry but they can eat energy – especially if they’re not performing to their best ability. When using a fridge, it’s important to consider where you place it. If you can keep it in a cooler part of your business it won’t have to work so hard to reach the desired temperature. You should also check for seals to ensure no energy is being wasted because it’s escaping. Furthermore, does your fridge really need to stay on overnight? If it’s not being used to full capacity, it might make more sense to turn it off
  • Lighting – cheaper business electricity prices can be yours if you’re willing to put a little effort in, in terms of your lighting. Firstly, switch old halogen bulbs to more energy-efficient LED ones, then why not consider sensor lighting? This simple change means lights only come on when they are triggered by someone walking in to a room, and they turn off, when the room is empty. This means there’s no margin for human error as the technology does it for us
  • Turn the Temperature Down – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that simply by turning your thermostat down a degree, you’ll see a difference in your business energy tariffs. You could also try zoning areas of your restaurant so that, for instance, the restaurant dining area is heated to a certain temperature, while the kitchen prep space is at a different level. If you’re able to zone your areas with different, more appropriate temperatures for the setting, you should find that both your customers and staff are more comfortable and you won’t need to waste money on air-con
  • Switch Off – leaving appliances on when they’re not in use can be a vast drain of energy, and there’s just no need for it. Only switch on appliances that you need, and remember to turn them off when you’re finished with them. It’s little changes like these that will really help you keep tabs of your commercial electricity prices

And Finally...

Good luck with implementing all of your energy saving changes to your restaurant, pub, or takeaway – we hope you’ll see a serious change in your energy consumption. If, however, you’re looking for a more dramatic and immediate way to save on your electricity for businesses, then get in touch with us at Save on Bills. We’re experts in sourcing brilliant business electricity plans, cheap business energy deals, and business gas suppliers, so that you get the best deals possible to keep your restaurant, pub or takeaway booming.

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