As a business owner, you may be aware of recent legislative changes in the energy industry. Ofgem’s ‘Faster Switching Programme’ is one such change that has been geared towards making it easier and faster for businesses to switch energy suppliers when they wish.  

While this programme has been around for some time now, many business owners remain uncertain about how exactly it works. what it offers, and how it can affect their business energy deals. In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at Ofgem's Faster Switching programme, exploring the fundamentals and the benefits of the new initiative.  

What is Faster Switching?

Ofgem's Faster Switching programme is a scheme designed to help businesses save money on their energy bills. The programme was launched in April 2018 and is intended to make it both easier and quicker for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to switch energy providers.  

The Faster Switching programme is part of Ofgem’s commitment to create a fairer energy market where customers can get a good deal. The scheme provides much needed protection for SMEs who may otherwise struggle when trying to switch supplier should they decide to look elsewhere for cheaper prices or better service.  

How Does Faster Switching Work?

By eliminating unnecessary rules and processes in switching providers, the Faster Switching programme aims to allow more businesses to take advantage of the competitive market and find the best deal for their energy, gas and electricity needs. The programme allows businesses to register with an accredited switching service provider who will take care of the whole process for them.  

The accredited switching service providers have access to the latest energy tariffs from all of the major suppliers in the UK and can provide an impartial comparison of these tariffs so that businesses can select the most suitable package for them.  

The providers will then assist with completing the necessary paperwork so that customers can switch over to their chosen supplier in just 21 days.

What are the Benefits of Faster Switching?    

One key benefit of Ofgem’s Faster Switching programme is that it reduces the amount of time customers spend on switching suppliers. The new system aims to reduce the amount of time from five weeks down to just 21 days, meaning customers are able to secure a better deal in a much shorter space of time.  

This quicker process also leads to lower costs. Ofgem estimates that customers could save up to £30 in switching fees due to the speedier process.

The Faster Switching Programme also includes measures designed to protect consumers during the switching process, such as a cap on cancellation fees and an end date guarantee. This means that if your current supplier fails to transfer your energy supply within 21 days, you can switch without having to pay any additional charges or fees.

Can Faster Switching Change the Landscape for Energy Consumption?

The Faster Switching programme has the potential to fundamentally change the how businesses consume electricity and reduce overall business electricity bills.

Aside from helping businesses save money through lower energy costs, Ofgem's Faster Switching programme could also lead to an increase in renewable energy consumption. As businesses are able to access better deals in a shorter timeframe, they may be more likely to invest in green energy options such as solar or wind power. This shift towards renewable sources of energy will almost certainly have an overall effect on the way we consume energy in modern times.  

In Conclusion

Ofgem's Faster Switching programme has the potential to revolutionise the energy market, allowing significant savings and a smoother experience for those looking to switch suppliers. It promises to make energy sector access faster and easier than ever before by drastically reducing the time it takes for consumers to switch providers and enabling consumers to choose from a much wider range of business energy suppliers.  

Ultimately, Faster Switching could significantly change the landscape for energy consumption before we know it.  

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